Master of Engineering (M.Eng.) in Bioengineering

Designed for those looking for a stepping stone to technical and managerial careers in the healthcare industry, our professional master’s degree program combines the strengths of The Grainger College of Engineering and the Gies College of Business at the University of Illinois. Graduates are equipped with bioengineering technical skills and big-picture business perspective—trained to find creative solutions to complex, multi-level systems problems.

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This concentration focuses on medical imaging devices, trains engineers to be industry leaders by combining rigorous graduate-level engineering coursework with fundamental business training on issues that confront professionals who develop products for biomedical imaging, medical diagnostics, genomics, and tools used in life science research.

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General Bioengineering

This concentration is designed to bridge the skills gap between general bioengineering concepts and more business acumen through coursework and an applied consulting project. The in-depth technical training combined with the core business classes required will develop well-rounded professionals entering the healthcare industry.

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Deadline: June 30, 2024 

Deadline for the Fall 2024 M.Eng. on-campus program admission cycle is June 30, 2024 .

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Prospective graduate students should apply online through the Graduate College at the University of Illinois.

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The tuition for the M.Eng. in Bioengineering program follows the campus graduate and professional engineering program rates.

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M.Eng. graduate success stories

Allen Bell, M.Eng. '18
Knowledge Discovery Services Associate at AbbVie 

"I'm happy to say that I use my M.Eng. degree every day! My role is somewhat multidisciplinary where I function as both a biomedical data scientist and business process analyst. My workday normally consists of leveraging my biomedical knowledge and technical skills to create automated workflows that extract data on relationships between biological entities from medical research databases. I've been able to use business skills I gained through the M.Eng. program through leading internal technical consulting initiatives at AbbVie and analyzing project data so the team can better predict timelines and capacities down the road."

Madhuri Krishnamurthy Ratnakumar, M.Eng. '19
Quality Analyst at FUJIFILM Medical Systems

"I have always wanted to pursue the healthcare IT domain and was looking for an in-depth understanding of biological systems and technologies. The M.Eng. program was a good fit for learning about how each system like CT would integrate with research criteria like bone density effects based on protein trackers.  For international students who are career orientated - time is very precious and utilizing portals for job search is crucial. There are many portals in UIUC - ECS, iVenture, research park were useful for me. I recommend talking to professors and lot of networking from day one. " 

BIOE M.Eng. Contacts


Assistant Director
1240E Everitt Laboratory, M/C-278
1406 W. Green St.
Urbana, IL 61801
Phone: (217) 333-8163

Faculty Program Director
3242  Everitt Laboratory, M/C-278
1406 W. Green St.
Urbana, IL 61801

Phone: (217) 333-4212

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