Seminar Series

Our BIOE Seminar Series is an exceptional opportunity to learn from experts in bioengineering across multiple fields. From nanoparticles and quantum dots to effective teaching methods and beyond, these seminars offer something for anyone who has an interest in bioengineering.

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Bioengineering professor ‪Gábor Balázsi presents on oncogenic roles of cellular heterogeneity

Learn about cellular heterogeneity, gene circuit integration, metastasis-related phenotypes and more with professor Balázsi. 

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Biomedical engineering professor Warren Chan discusses nanoparticles as in vivo delivery systems

Learn about delivery of medical agents to a specific diseased tissue or cell, nanomaterials, immunotherapies, gene editors and more with professor Chan.

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Biomedical engineering professor Lingchong You presents on microbial community dynamics

Learn about programming living materials, using coarse graining and machine learning, using neural networks to accelerate predictions and more with professor You.

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Radiology professor Patrick La Riviere presents on Computational Imaging

Learn about computational microscopy, fluorescence anisotropy, polarized fluorescence  and more with professor La Riviere.

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Bioengineering professor Brad Sutton presents on the mechanical properties of the hippocampus

Learn about UIUC's Magnetic Resonance Functional Imaging Lab, mechanical properties in the brain, Magnetic Resonance Elastography and more with professor Sutton. 

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Bioengineering professor Andrew Smith presents his research on nanoparticles for molecular imaging

Learn about biological imaging scales, molecular probes, nanoparticle-based labels quantum dots and more with professor Smith.

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Biomedical engineering professor Casey Ankeny presents strategies for in-person and remote teaching

Learn about virtual lab courses, flipped classrooms, best practices for mini-lecture structure, inquiry-guided pedagogy and more with professor Ankeny.

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Chemical engineering professor Diwakar Shukla presents on computation structural biology of plants

Learn about the urgent need to enhance crop productivity under environmental stress, the structural basis of plant hormones and more from professor Shukla.

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Mechanical engineering professor Mariana Kersh presents her research on musculoskeletal health

Learn what determines tissue quality, why  bones are more susceptible to fractures as people age and more with professor Kersh. 

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