Thesis/Dissertation Submission

All theses and dissertations are deposited electronically through the Electronic Thesis Deposit (ETD).

Submission Instructions

  1. Unless explicitly indicated, these instructions are for both the M.S. thesis and Ph.D. dissertation. The term "thesis" is used below to mean both thesis and dissertation.
  2. Read the information on the Thesis Office website and mark on your calendar Thesis Deposit Deadlines. However, note that a Department Review of your thesis is required prior to submitting your thesis to the Graduate College. The Graduate Programs Coordinator requires a week to complete the format review. Please plan accordingly and submit your thesis well before the Grad College deadline.
  3. Register yourself for graduation on Enterprise when you register for classes.
  4. Review thesis formatting guidelines on the Graduate College website.
  5. Complete title page check. Send your thesis title page to the Thesis Office at This needs to be done several weeks before the deposit deadline.
  6. Eliminate copyright issues. You are required to have letters of permission from any publisher with whom you previously published your work and who has a copyright on that work. Unresolved copyright issues can delay thesis submission and graduation.
  7. For Ph.D. dissertation deposit only: You will need to fill out the publication agreement with ProQuest, the thesis publisher used by the University of Illinois. This agreement specifies under what conditions your dissertation will be made available to the public.
  8. Submit your thesis to your advisor for final review and approval.
  9. E-mail your finished thesis in a PDF format to the Bioengineering Graduate Programs Coordinator for department format review. The Graduate Programs Coordinator will respond via email with any corrections to be made before submitting your file to the Graduate College.
  10. Create Electronic Thesis Deposit account and upload thesis several days before the Thesis Office deadline.


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