Sheeba Rani Arnold Anteraper

Sheeba Rani Arnold Anteraper
Sheeba Rani Arnold Anteraper
  • Adjunct Research Associate Professor

Academic Positions

  • Research Affiliate: Massachusetts Institute of Technology & Northeastern University, MA
  • Neuroimaging Data Scientist: Department of Psychiatry, Massachusetts General Hospital (MGH)
  • Assistant Professor: Carle Foundation Hospital, Urbana, IL

Selected Articles in Journals

  • A CAN-BIND-1 Study Report.bioRxiv 2021.06.25.449819; doi:
  • Arnold Anteraper, S., Guell, X., Lee, YJ., et al., Sidney H. Kennedy, Venkat Bhat, the CAN-BINDInvestigator Team. Cerebello-cerebral Functional Connectivity Networks in Major Depressive Disorder:
  • Morris T. P., Kucyi, A., Arnold Anteraper, S., et al., Resting State Functional Connectivity Predicts FutureChanges in Sedentary Behavior (under review) doi:
  • Bukhari Q, Ruf SF, Guell X, Whitfield-Gabrieli S, Anteraper S. Interaction Between Cerebellum andCerebral Cortex, Evidence from Dynamic Causal Modeling. Cerebellum. 2021 Jun 19. doi:10.1007/s12311-021-01284-1.
  • Anteraper, S.A., Gopinath, K., Hoch, M.J. et al. A comprehensive data-driven analysis framework fordetecting impairments in brain function networks with resting state fMRI in HIV-infected individuals oncART. J. Neurovirol. 27, 239–248, 2021.
  • Collin, G., Bauer, C. C., Arnold Anteraper, S., et al, Hyperactivation of Posterior Default ModeNetwork During Self-Referential Processing in Children at Familial High-Risk for Psychosis, Frontiers inPsychiatry, 2021.
  • Barry, R.L., Suma Babu, S., Arnold Anteraper, S., et al, Ultra-high field (7T) functional magneticresonance imaging in amyotrophic lateral sclerosis: a pilot study, NeuroImage: Clinical, 2021.
  • Morris T. P., Chaddock-Heyman, L., Ai, M., Arnold Anteraper, S., et al., Enriching activities duringchildhood are associated with variations in functional connectivity patterns later in life, Neurobiology ofAging, 2021.
  • Arnold Anteraper, S., Guell, X., et al. Abnormal function in dentate nuclei precedes the onset ofpsychosis: a longitudinal fMRI study in high-risk individuals. Schizophrenia Bulletin (In Press).
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