Bioengineering students earn EOH awards

3/26/2015 4:06:00 PM

For a small department, Bioengineering garners a commendable share of the annual awards given to Engineering Open House exhibits. Congratulations to the BIOE students on five teams, who earned the following EOH 2015 awards:

Cartoon image of superheroes fighting disease as antibodies.
Cartoon image of superheroes fighting disease as antibodies.
First Place in Back to School - presented to exhibits that explain recent technological developments in engineering or the sciences; projects should include background leading up to these discoveries and their impact on the present and future.
Fab-ulous Antibodies for its hands-on exhibit showing antibodies as the superheroes of the immune system. The project explains how antibodies can be engineered for treating cancer and shows how antibodies “fit” into treating diseases similar to how puzzle pieces fit together.
TEAM: Karthik Balakrishnan, Jenny Bogdal, Nicholas Brauer, Asha Kirchhoff, Sarah Laken, Lauren Milling, Mallory Wall

Image of a lung-on-a-chip.
Image of a lung-on-a-chip.
Second Place in Back to School
Organ on a Chip, a potential solution for the costly, long, and fallible process of drug development, which can delay promising cures for years. This system mimics the activities, mechanics, and response of entire organ systems for testing medications — even custom cures for a specific person.
TEAM: Sameer Andani, Miranda Dawson, Noah Flynn, Dipen Kumar, Hans Lau, Dikshant Pradhan, Christine Promisel, Aru Singh, Seokchan Yoo

Image of 3D-printed bandage material, Bandagel.
Image of 3D-printed bandage material, Bandagel.
Second Place in Best Freshman Exhibit - awarded to the best freshman-led and -designed exhibit for the commitment to transforming their world and giving back to the community in their first year of school.
Bandagel: A Biomedical Application of 3D Printing, which displayed a new type of bandage comprised of 3D printed hydrogel patches. Utilizing a technique called stereolithography, the team uses an overhead projector and Microsoft Powerpoint to print 3D objects with high resolution and at fast speeds.
TEAM: Trent Calderone, Pierce Hadley, Mohammed Munim, Rishi Satpathy, Kit Schofield

Image of cross-section of a cell.
Image of cross-section of a cell.
Second Place in Just For Fun, Hands On - given to exhibits that showcase the more entertaining aspects of engineering, including principles and technologies and their enjoyable applications; winning projects revolve heavily around audience participation.
Journey Into the Cell, an interactive exhibit that shows different parts and functions of the cell. The team uses fun games and invites visitors to "step inside a cell" and learn how it works.
TEAM: Muzammil Ali, Jennifer Bogdal, Nicholas Cornell, Abhi Deshpande, Gabs Dupont, Michelle Kalenda, Molly Kelly, Shawn Kurian, Zach Saldivar, Kimmie Volkman

Image of a quadcopter.
Image of a quadcopter.
Third Place in Interdisciplinary Collaboration - an award that recognizes exhibits showing exceptional collaboration, either cross-society/club or between individuals from different majors; awards go to teams whose projects show aspects of multiple engineering disciplines and explain to the audience how all the pieces fit together.
Control a Quad Copter With Your Mind, a project that combines neural headsets, machine learning, and quad copters and allows participants to learn to fly the aircraft with their thoughts.
TEAM: Garrett Chou, Sunil Kumar, Nikhil Shiva


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