Alumna Zhuo receives prestigious fellowship in biomedical optics

Doris Dahl, Beckman Institute writer
10/4/2018 2:30:14 PM

Yue Zhuo, a 2015 Illinois Bioengineering PhD graduate and 2016 Beckman Post-doctoral Fellow, has received the inaugural Thomas F. Deutsch Fellowship in Biomedical Optics at Massachusetts General Hospital (MGH), which is affiliated with Harvard Medical School. The award was announced jointly by the OSA (Optical Society) Foundation and the Wellman Center for Photomedicine (WCP) at MGH.

Alumna Yue Zhuo works in Bioengineering Professor Brian Cunningham's Nanosensor group.
Alumna Yue Zhuo works in Bioengineering Professor Brian Cunningham's Nanosensor group.

Zhuo, who is a member of Bioengineering Professor Brian Cunningham's Nanosensors research group, seeks to develop a label-free platform to dynamically and quantitatively monitor the interactions between live cell and substrate during adhesion and migration with high resolution, high sensitivity, and long term imaging. She will work with Professor Seok-Hyun “Andy” Yun at WCP. After the fellowship, Zhuo said she would like to find a faculty position to continue her research in biomedical optics.

This multidisciplinary fellowship fosters interactions between researchers from diverse fields of science and medicine. Zhuo will perform the majority of her research at the Wellman Center.

“I will forever be grateful for the research opportunity and the knowledge and skills that I have gained working at the Beckman Institute,” said Zhuo.

Editor’s Note: The Beckman Institute published an article in June about Zhuo’s research,

“Researchers Develop Microscopy Technique to Analyze Cellular Focal Adhesion Dynamics.”


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