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The Grainger Foundation Matching Challenge will match all engineering scholarship endowment gifts up to $25 million
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The College of Engineering is committed to ensuring that today’s students graduate prepared to take a leadership role in our increasingly global, interconnected, and technologically sophisticated society. In this time of unprecedented need, the Engineering Visionary Scholarship Initiative is an essential vehicle to recruit and retain the world’s best young engineers.

“Choosing to attend Illinois has led me down a path I never knew existed. Throughout my college career, I have been a member of the Cancer Scholars @ Illinois program.
This program has given me many opportunities where I gained invaluable experience in networking and presenting.”

-Kinsey Schultheis, Bioengineering ‘18

These large, renewable scholarships provide an affordable Illinois education to some of the brightest and most highly motivated students. Launched in 2013 with a $30 million gift from the Grainger Foundation and supported by more than 1,800 visionaries, today over forty percent of scholarships awarded to students are Engineering Visionary Scholarships.

Scholarships work. They bring amazing engineers to Illinois.

Even though Engineering at Illinois is a top ranked program, we are losing some of the best and brightest students because we are not able to offer the same scholarships as other universities. With the increase in costs, scholarships are often a the deciding factor for many families.

  • Our students have told us that cost is the number one reason they decline admission to Illinois.
  • The highest-achieving students accept admission 15 percent of the time. If offered our largest scholarship, the Engineering Visionary Scholarship, that number jumps to 68 percent.
  • Scholarships significantly impact a student’s enrollment decision. Studies indicate that students are seeking $10,000-15,000 per year in scholarship support.
  • In 2016, the College awarded $4.3 million in scholarships to undergraduate students. Although this is a large number, it only serves about 11 percent of our student population.

Investing in the Next Generation

Life-changing scholarships are an expensive yet worthwhile proposition, and we know not everyone can afford to establish a scholarship like this on their own.

Here is what we do know:

  • We have raised $52 million of our $100 million dollar goal thanks to the help from our generous alumni and friends.
  • Support is greater in numbers. More than 1,800 donors have given to this initiative.
  • This initiative has created over 500 additional scholarships for our most deserving undergraduate students.
  • We have increased the number of scholarships the College awards on an annual basis by 40 percent.

The Grainger Foundation Matching Challenge for Engineering at Illinois Scholarships

What is The Grainger Foundation Matching Challenge?

The Grainger Foundation Matching Challenge will match all donations up to $25 million to Engineering at Illinois’ undergraduate scholarship endowments from January 1, 2017 – December 31, 2019.

How can I make a gift to qualify for The Grainger Foundation Matching Challenge?

It is easy to support the College of Engineering through the Grainger Challenge Grant! Contact a member of our fundraising staff to help you personalize your giving experience. You can also make a gift online through our website at visionary.engineering.illinois.edu.

What if I make a pledge at the end of the matching period?

Unconditional, binding pledges booked prior to the end date of December 31, 2019, will be honored (pledges may not last longer than five years). The Grainger Foundation Challenge Grant match will be applied to the corresponding fund as gifts are received.

What gifts qualify for a match from The Grainger Foundation Matching Challenge?

  • Gifts to Engineering Visionary Scholarship Funds
  • Gifts to a new Engineering Visionary Scholarship Fund (min. $25,000 requirement)
  • Gifts to existing endowed scholarship funds
  • Corporate gifts to endowed scholarship funds
  • The Grainger Foundation Matching Challenge will also match any employer contributions, which allows you to double, triple, or even quadruple your impact!

What gifts DO NOT qualify for a match from The Grainger Foundation Matching Challenge?

  • Gifts to current use scholarship support (non-endowed scholarships)
  • Gifts to any other purpose than undergraduate scholarship support (i.e. graduate scholarships/fellowships, awards, building campaigns, etc.)
  • Deferred gifts

Is there a certain amount I have to give to receive the match from The Grainger Foundation Matching Challenge towards my gift?

Gifts of any amount to an endowed undergraduate scholarship fund will be matched through The Grainger Foundation Matching Challenge. However, if you wish to establish a new fund, you will need to reach the $25,000 minimum endowment level.

Can I use The Grainger Foundation Matching Challenge to help me reach the $25,000 minimum endowment level to establish a new fund?

No, the goal of The Grainger Foundation Matching Challenge is to double the impact. For a new fund, donors will need to reach the $25,000 minimum level either with an outright gift or pledge.

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