Minor in BIOE

The Bioengineering minor is open to all majors across campus, but it is designed for Engineering students, including students in the Department of Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering.

Any of the existing engineering curricula can provide a good foundation for work in bioengineering. However, the engineering undergraduate needs additional education in the biologically oriented sciences to obtain a strong background for bioengineering. With such a background, the student should be able to progress rapidly on the graduate level in any branch of bioengineering. In industry, the graduate should be competent to handle engineering tasks related to biology.

For students pursuing the Bioengineering Minor from non-engineering backgrounds, please note that upper level electives may have engineering courses as pre-requisites and these, and any subsequent pre-requisite courses, are required for anyone taking the course.

Click here on how to apply for a minor in Bioengineering.


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