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The bioengineering undergraduate curriculum prepares students for industry, graduate school, and professional schools. As students progress through the general bioengineering curriculum, they will develop competencies in (1) math, statistics, and computation, (2) applied engineering techniques, and (3) specialized areas of study associated with the student’s specific bioengineering track.  Bioengineering students select their particular track focus for the final two years of study. 


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Applications: medical device design and implantable prosthetics for treating conditions related to disease and age-related changes.

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Cell and Tissue Engineering 

Applications: cell selection and culture, scaffold
and bioreactor designs, biosensors and assessments of cellular and tissue responses.

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Imaging and Sensing 

Applications: design, build, use and evaluation of diagnostic systems such as MRI and ultrasound.

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Computational and Systems Biology 

Applications: disease modeling, genetics,
pharmaceutical design, and evolutionary changes in the human body.

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Therapeutics Engineering  

Applications: drug design and delivery, response of the body to implanted materials.

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BIOE Undergraduate Contacts

Maddie Darling UIUC Bioengineering

Assistant Director of Undergraduate Programs
1240C Everitt Laboratory, M/C-278
1406 W. Green St.
Urbana, IL 61801

Jake Spinnato, undergraduate academic advisor for the department of bioengineering at UIUC

Undergraduate Academic Advisor
1240B Everitt Laboratory, M/C-278
1406 W. Green St.
Urbana, IL 61801

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