It has been determined that the majority of the basic curriculum requirements for Pre-Med can be accommodated within the core undergraduate curriculum for bioengineering majors.

Please refer to The Career Center website for up-to-date information on basic required courses for Pre-Med. If interested in Pre-Med, you are encouraged to meet with a Career Center Pre-Health advisor as soon as possible. 

Of the suggested or recommended list of basic courses to prepare for Pre-Med,

Bioengineering majors take:

  • CHEM 102/103
  • CHEM 104/105
  • CHEM 232/233 (Organic Chemistry)
  • CHEM 332/437 (Organic Chemistry II)
  • MCB 150
  • MCB 354 or MCB 450 (Biochemistry)
  • PHYS 211/212

Pre-med students may want to consult with a Career Center Pre-Health advisor about courses that are required outside of the bioengineering curriculum. The requirement for CHEM 332 (second-semester organic) and CHEM 437 is determined by the admissions committee of individual medical schools, and not all medical schools have this requirement. Please contact The Career Center for more information at (217) 333-0820.