Cell and Tissue Engineering Track

Total Track Hours must equal 15

Cell and Tissue Engineering describes the combined use of cells, materials, and biochemical factors to induce the growth of functional tissues for medical applications. In this track of study you will learn about how cells control and are controlled by the cellular microenvironment. You will be trained in cell selection and culture, scaffold and bioreactor designs, biosensors, and assessments of cellular and tissue responses. Application areas include tissue engineering for medical repair and replacement.

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Students following this track take:

CHBE 471 Biochemical Engineering (3 hr)
BIOE 416 Biosensors (3 hr)
(BIOE students have instructor consent to take this course without ECE 329 prerequisite)
MSE 470 Design and Use of Biomaterials (3 hr)
BIOE 473 Biomaterials Laboratory (3 hr)
(Registration restricted; contact BIOE department)
MSE 474 Biomaterials and Nanomedicine (3 hr)
BIOE 461 Cellular Biomechanics (4 hr)
(BIOE students have instructor consent to take this course without TAM 251 prerequisite)
CHBE 472 Techniques in Biomolecular Engineering (3 hr)
(Prerequisite: CHEM 104-105; MATH 221; PHYS 211, PHYS 214; MCB 450)
IE 330 Industrial Quality Control (3 hr) Prerequisite: IE 300 or BIOE 398 GEN
BIOE 306 Bioreactor Lab (3 hr)
BIOE 498 Systems Bioengineering (4 hr) PII
BIOE 498 Stem Cell Bioengineering (3 hr) GU
BIOE 498 Experimental Genetic Engineering (3 hr) PPP
BIOE 498 Intro to Synthetic Biology (3 hr) TL

The recommended free elective to prepare for this track is:

MCB 450 Biochemistry (3 hr)


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