Biomechanics Track

Total Track Hours must equal 15 hours from the College of Engineering

Biomechanics applies mechanical sciences to biological systems at the nano-, micro-, and macro-scales. In this track you will study static and dynamic properties of cells, soft and hard tissues, extra-cellular matrix, and biomaterials. Materials studies will be on how materials interact with the human body. You will also gain an understanding of stability and control of mechanical systems. Application areas include medical device design and implantable prosthetics for treating conditions related to disease and aging, occupational and physical therapy aids, and quantitative physiology.

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Students following this track take:

TAM 210 or TAM 211* Introduction to Statics (2 hr) or Statics (3)
TAM 212 Introductory Dynamics (3 hr)
TAM 251 Introductory Solid Mechanics (3 hr)

and select remaining hours from:

BIOE 461 Cellular Biomechanics (4 hr)
BIOE 498 NIE Surgical Techniques (3 hr)
BIOE 498 JI Finite Element Methods in Biomedicine (3 hr)
ME 330 Engineering Materials (4 hr) - Recommended for Prosthetics and Orthodics
(contact the MechSE department to be added to the waitlist)
ME 481 Whole-Body Musculoskel Biomech (3 hr)
(contact the MechSE department to be added to the waitlist)
ME 482 Musculoskel Tissue Mechanics (3 hr)
(contact the MechSE department to be added to the waitlist)
ME 483 Mechanobiology (4 hr)
NPRE 498 PRA Advanced Risk Analysis (3 hr)
SE 402 Comp-Aided Product Realization (3 hr)
SE 423 Mechatronics (3 hr)
TAM 445 Continuum Mechanics (4 hr)
TMGT 461 TMD and TME Technology, Engineering, and Management Final Projects (4 hr)


The following is recommended as a free elective:

SE 101 Engineering Graphics & Design (3 hr)


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