Track electives

The Bioengineering curriculum prepares students for industry, graduate school, and professional schools. As students progress through the general bioengineering curriculum, they will develop competencies in (1) math, statistics, and computation, (2) applied engineering techniques, and (3) specialized areas of study associated with the student’s specific bioengineering track (see below).

List of Pre-Approved Tracks and Courses

Please check these lists frequently, as the tracks are constantly being updated. Watch for emails from the department about new, upcoming course additions, and talk with the Bioengineering undergraduate program office (1270 DCL), if interested in any courses not listed.

* Curriculum maps made specifically for each track are now provided for guidance on how to fit the track courses and track-specific free electives into a student's schedule.

Student-Defined Track
Individual students may design a track to achieve a goal outside of those implicit in the pre-approved tracks as long as the course selections show coherence, focus, and purpose within a bioengineering context. Students should consult with a department advisor and submit their requests to the Bioengineering undergraduate program office (1270 DCL) to obtain approval from the Bioengineering Department Undergraduate Curriculum Committee. Requests should be submitted on a Department Track Elective Planning Form.

Faculty Career and Track Mentoring

To gain further insight into their interests, as well as advice regarding research, career options, and their track courses, students should see a faculty career and track mentor.



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