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James Scholar Honors Program

The Chief Advisor acts as the James Scholar Honors Advisor. Please contact with questions or concerns.

Freshman James Scholars must complete one of the following James Scholar Honors activities:

  1. Complete an honors section of a course (designated with “H” in the course catalog) typically during the second semester of the freshman year.
  2. With the agreement of the course instructor for a “non-honors” course, complete an Honors Credit Learning Agreement (HCLA) to transform a “non-honors” course into an “honors” course.

Sophomore James Scholars must complete the design of their honors contract and obtain the approval signature of the Chief Advisor AND they must complete one James Scholar honors activity.

An honors contract in Bioengineering must list courses which total a minimum of 12 hours of graded course work showing coherence in focus and purpose and including one of the following options:

  1. Contain at least two upper level (typically 400-level) courses outside the required courses in the Bioengineering major curriculum.
  2. Complete an engineering or campus approved minor. Effective for students entering Fall 2006 and beyond: Bioengineering majors pursuing the Chemistry minor and following option 2 of the Chemistry minor sequence must complete an additional 400-level chemistry course to receive approval for their honors contract. You must complete the honors contract under “Make your own Plan” and list the chemistry courses being taken.

You are strongly advised to select and complete one course from your honors contract as your James Scholar honors activity for Sophomore year. Alternatively, you can choose to take another honors course or an HCLA course to fulfill the requirement for the honors activity. If you choose a course not on your honors contract, you must still complete the minimum 12 hours graded course work to fulfill an honors contract.

Junior and Senior James Scholars must take at least one course in Junior year and one course in Senior year from their honors contract. All courses in the honors contract must be completed prior to graduation to receive James Scholar honors designation on the student record.

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