Undergraduate Curriculum

"No solution without a need."

Thanks to a $2 million REvolutionizing engineering and computer science Departments (RED) grant from the National Science Foundation, the Department of Bioengineering will revolutionize its undergraduate curriculum, its students' clinical and research experiences, and its faculty members' approaches to teaching. Illinois was the only bioengineering program in the country who received this prestigious honor.

With support from NSF's Revolutionizing Engineering Departments program, Illinois' Bioengineering department will shift from a “technology-focused curriculum” to a “need-focused curriculum” over the next five years. This work will include:

  • Integrating clinical and research experiences — which many bioengineering students already take advantage of — much more deeply into the curriculum.
  • Translating medical assessment practices — such as using direct observation and immediate feedback in tandem with more traditional tests and projects — to better unify classroom experiences and clinical experiences.
  • Organizing faculty into communities of practice, helping them to learn new teaching techniques.


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