Pain Management App


Carle Illinois College of Medicine: Andrea Hall, Samantha Houser

Student Team

Master of Engineering: Anissa Akrout
Undergraduates: Annie Hart, Donna Gieser, Ethan Tsai
iMBA: Carlos Hernandez


Many pain management apps are currently available and include varying features. Studies indicate that no pain management apps currently available adequately support clinician access to graphical pain data. Without this feature clinicians find it too time-consuming to review patient data. Most apps do not include clinician and patient involvement in app development and thus may not be as clinically useful or easy to use for patients. Therefore, a need has been identified for a higher quality app that is easy to use for both patients and clinicians. Our solution is a pain management mobile application (app) to provide a space for patients to input their daily pain trends, associated symptoms, medication doses and other treatments. This would include the PEG (Pain, Enjoyment, General activity) scale for assessing chronic pain. The app would then provide clinicians with graphical pain and medication use data. Clinician and patient input will help determine additional features to optimize app value and utility.

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  • Pain Management App

  • Academic Year
    • 2021-2022
  • Topic
    • Digital Applications
  • Sponsor
    • Clinical

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