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Engineering Open House

Every year, Bioengineering students and students from across all engineering disciplines, showcase their talent and technical creativity at the Engineering Open House (EOH). Open to the public, this annual student-led, two-day event draws thousands of visitors to the University of Illinois’ College of Engineering campus to see exciting exhibits and competitions. Student members of the Biomedical Engineering Society (BMES) led the way with several awards in various categories:

2017 BMES Projects EOH Award Winners

Best Kickoff of EOH

  • 1st Place - Hydrogellin Like A Felon
  • 2nd Place - Growing Prosthetic
  • 3rd Place - StabiliTeeth

Most Innovative Exhibit

  • 1st Place - PhantomCor

The Real World

  • 2nd Place - Swimming Prosthetic
  • 3rd Place - Honey, I Shrunk the Oncologist

Just For Fun - Hands On

  • 2nd Place - Starship Neuro-Gamer

Just For Fun - Just Because

  • 3rd Place - Painting With Bacteria

Discoveries in Engineering

  • 3rd Place - Illuminating the Brain

Illuminate New Horizons (presented by Exxon Mobil)

  • 3rd Place - Illuminating the Brain
Students gather at Engineering Open House exhibits

For a complete list and descriptions of all of projects presented during the 2017 Engineering Open House, visit the EOH website.


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