Menopatch: A Customized Companion

Student Team

CIMED: Anila Mehta, Lotanna Nwandu, Adam Szeremeta
Master of Engineering: Yunji Nam, Neha Hebbar, Izack Angerhofer
Undergraduates: Ryan Talusan, Megan Zhou, Sriya Darsi, Gisselle Rosas Camacho


To treat menopause with a single, customizable therapy, MenoPatch serves as a transdermal patch for perimenopausal and menopausal women. MenoPatch features a drug reservoir with a syringe port to allow for customized hormonal dosing. Based on symptoms, the patient and her care team can decide when to add the hormones to the patch, which can be done by the patient at home. The patch can remain on the patient's skin for up to four weeks, whereas currently available patches reside for up to one week. By allowing customized dosing on-demand, MenoPatch will serve as a seamless apparatus to restore a woman’s specific hormone balance as they transition through the fluctuations of menopause. Also, it will eliminate the wasteful practice of cutting transdermal patches, which results in unpredictable and inconsistent results.

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  • Menopatch: A Customized Companion

  • Academic Year
    • 2023-2024
  • Topic
    • Medical Device
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