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BIOE 575 Capstone Project - Online

In this course, students will work on a real-world translational project to develop solutions for real world problems utilizing principles of design, engineering analysis, and functional operation of engineering systems.

The course introduces concepts and tools to help guide the student through a complete product lifecycle. The goal is to provide students with skills and practice to take a project from initial scoping to completion.  For the online section of BIOE 575, students may choose one the following project options:

  • Work with a bioengineering faculty member on an in-depth independent study project.
  • Work with their current employer to develop a capstone project that is above and beyond their normal job responsibilities.the supervisor will serve as their “client” and it will an individual project, not a team one.
  • Find a company who can serve as a client for an applied consulting project.

The project needs to be technical in nature and related to bioengineering.  Students will be required to submit a scope document for approval prior to starting the project.  If the student chooses to do a work-related project, their supervisor will serve as the “client.”

M.Eng. students will be required to take BIOE 575 twice for a total of 6 credit hours.  The student can secure one project and break it down into two phases (each phase is a semester, 16 weeks in length).  They will be required to complete specific deliverables for each phase of the project.  Or, the student can secure two separate projects, each to be completed in a semester.

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