BIOE 206 - Cellular Bioengineering

Semesters Offered

Cellular BioengineeringBIOE206AL158750LEC1230 - 1350 T R  253 Mechanical Engineering Bldg Roy Dar

Official Description

Molecular and cellular biology focusing on instrumentation and measurement techniques: gene expression, translation, and regulation; cellular energetics and enzyme kinetics; membrane transport and cell signaling; cytoskeleton and the cell cycle; cell biology fundamentals emphasizing modern imaging and measurement systems to quantify cellular function. Course Information: Credit is not given for both BIOE 206 and MCB 252. Prerequisite: MCB 150.


Credit in MCB 150

Course Director


University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
1270 Digital Computer Laboratory, MC-278
1304 W. Springfield Avenue
Urbana, IL 61801, USA

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