BIOE 202 - Cell & Tissue Engineering Lab

Semesters Offered

Cell & Tissue Engineering LabBIOE202AB149685LAB01100 - 1500 M  3109 Everitt Lab Karin Jeanne Jensen
Cell & Tissue Engineering LabBIOE202AB258291LAB01500 - 1900 M  3109 Everitt Lab Karin Jeanne Jensen
Cell & Tissue Engineering LabBIOE202AL149686LEC21200 - 1250 F  2310 Everitt Lab Karin Jeanne Jensen

Official Description

Principles of cell biology inherent in tissue engineering design. Lab experience in safely and skillfully manipulating cells of the four tissue types and performing various quantitative analyses on products produced by cells that have differentiated. Course Information: Prerequisite: MCB 150, and credit or concurrent enrollment in BIOE 206.


Credit in MCB 150
Credit or concurrent registration in BIOE 206

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