Therapeutics Engineering Track

Total Track Hours must equal 15

Therapeutics Engineering builds understanding of bodily responses to implantable materials and drug delivery devices. The focus is on biomaterial selection and synthesis as well as an in depth study of drug design, manufacturing, and delivery. You will be trained in nano-materials, material properties, transport phenomena, biochemical engineering, and metabolic engineering. Application areas include individualized therapeutics, biomimetics, and drug delivery systems.

Students following this track select from:

CHBE 472 Techniques in Biomolecular Engineering (3 hr)
(Prerequisite: CHEM 104-105; MATH 221; PHYS 211, PHYS 214; MCB 450)
MSE 474 Biomaterials and Nanomedicine (3 hr)
MSE 470 Design and Use of Biomaterials (3 hr)
MSE 450 Polymer Science and Engr (3 hr)
ABE 446 Biological Nanoengineering (3 hr)
BIOE 410 Computational Cancer Biology (3 hr)
BIOE 479 Cancer Nanotechnology (3 hr)
ECE 481 Nanotechnology (3 hr)
(Prerequisite: CHEM 442)
BIOE 498 Imaging and Therapeutic Agents (3 hr)
BIOE 498 Systems Bioengineering (4 hr)
BIOE 498 Preclinical Molecular Imaging (3 hr)