Computational and Systems Biology Track

Total Track Hours must equal 15

Computational and Systems Biology combines mathematical, statistical, and computational methods with molecular biology to understand and control the complex systems that regulate human biological processes. In this track of study you will receive training in genomic biology, biotechnology instrumentation, bioinformatics, and statistical and computational modeling. Application areas include disease modeling, development of analytical methods for decoding genetic information, pharmaceutical design, and development of personalized medical informatics systems.

The following curriculum modifications should be followed*:

  • CS 125 for CS 101

*An advisor-approved Curriculum Modification form is required to receive appropriate degree credit. See Department Office.

Students following this track may take (with advisor approval):

CS 225 Data Structures (4 hr)
(Prerequisite: CS 125, CS 173)
CS 412 Introduction to Data Mining (3 hr)
(Prerequisite: CS 225)
CS 466 Introduction to Bioinformatics (3 hr)
(Prerequisite: CS 225)
BIOE 410 Computational Cancer Biology (3 hr)
BIOE 498 Experimental Genetic Engineering (3 hr) PPP
BIOE 498 Introduction to Synthetic Biology (3 hr)
BIOE 498 Systems Bioengineering (4 hr)

Other 400 level CS or "Systems" course (3 or 4) -- with advisor approval.

To ensure adequate preparation, the following is recommended as a free elective:

CS 173 Discrete Structures (3 hr)
MATH 225 Introductory Matrix Theory (2 hr)
(Prerequisite: MATH 220 or MATH 221; or equivalent)