Academic Preparation for Graduate School in Bioengineering

The Bioengineering Department's graduate classes integrate the science of Biology with the practice of Engineering. You will take advanced coursework in both disciplines during your graduate studies. The multidisciplinary program of study requires broad preparation.

You will be required to have a solid foundation in both Biology and Engineering. Below is the list of the foundational classes necessary. If you do not have these classes before you enter graduate studies, you will likely need to take them in your first semesters. The faculty search committee strongly recommends that students interested in graduate studies in Bioengineering complete as many of these classes as possible during their undergraduate years.

The classes below are classes offered at the University of Illinois. Course number and hours are given to assist undergraduates find the equivalents at their own college or university. The UIUC course catalog with course descriptions can be found at

Basic science/math courses REQUIRED to enter Bioengineering Graduate Program


General Chemistry I & Lab, CHEM 102/103 (3/1 hours)

General Chemistry II and Lab CHEM 104/105 (3/1 hours)


University Physics: Mechanics PHYS 211 (4 hours)

University Physics: Electricity and Magnetism PHYS 212 (4 hrs)

University Physics: Thermal Physics PHYS 213 (2 hours)

University Physics: Quantum Physics PHYS 214 (2 hours)


Calculus I MATH 220 (5 hours)

Calculus II MATH 230 (3 hours)

Calculus of Several Variables MATH 242 (3 hours)

Intro to Differential Equations MATH 385 (3 hours)

Linear Algebra MATH 415 (3 hours)

Statistics CPSC 440 (3 hrs), STAT 400 (4 hrs), or STAT 420 (3 or 4 hrs)


Basic engineering courses EXPECTED when entering Bioengineering Graduate Program

Electronic Circuits ECE 205/206 (3/1 hours)

Introduction to Computing CS 101 (3 hours)

Thermodynamics ME300, MSE401 or CHBE421 (4 hours)

Analog Signal Processing ECE 210 (4 hours) (Imaging Students)

Mechanics of Materials and Fluids TAM 206 (4 hours) (Tissue Eng Students)


Basic biology courses EXPECTED when entering Bioengineering Graduate Program

Molec & Cellular Basis of Life/Lab MCB 150/151 (4/1 hours)

Systems and Integrative Physiology MCB 402 (3 hours)


Engineering and Physical Sciences undergraduate coursework RECOMMENDED

Elementary Organic Chemistry I/Lab CHEM 232/233 (3/2 hours)

Elementary Organic Chemistry II CHEM 332 (3 hours)

Organic Chemistry Lab CHEM 437 (3 hours)

Introductory Biochemistry MCB 450 (3 hours)

Biochemical and Physical Basis of Life MCB 354 (3 hours)

Probability Theory I Math 461 (3 hours)


Life Sciences coursework RECOMMENDED

Molecular Genetics MCB 250 (3 hours)

Experimental Techniques in Molecular Biology MCB 251(2 hours)

Cells, Tissues, and Development MCB 252 (3 hours)

Experimental Techniques in Cell Biology MCB 253 (2 hours)


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