BIOE 599 - Thesis Research

Semesters Offered

Thesis ResearchBIOE599AD32479IND -    Aditi Das
Thesis ResearchBIOE599AS37486IND -    Andrew M Smith
Thesis ResearchBIOE599AWJ35332IND -    Amy Jaye Wagoner Johnson
Thesis ResearchBIOE599BC33996IND -    Brian T Cunningham
Thesis ResearchBIOE599BH32657IND -    Brendan A Harley
Thesis ResearchBIOE599BRS39360IND -    Bruce R Schatz
Thesis ResearchBIOE599BS33137IND -    Brad Sutton
Thesis ResearchBIOE599CAB38504IND -    Catherine Best
Thesis ResearchBIOE599CL33133IND -    Chang Liu
Thesis ResearchBIOE599DEL38573IND -    Deborah E Leckband
Thesis ResearchBIOE599DOB38277IND -    Wawrzyniec Dobrucki
Thesis ResearchBIOE599DWP35324IND -    Daniel Wayne Pack
Thesis ResearchBIOE599EHW36509IND -    Elizabeth T Hsiao-Wecksler
Thesis ResearchBIOE599GEO38205IND -    John G Georgiadis
Thesis ResearchBIOE599GGA36038IND -    Gabriele Gratton
Thesis ResearchBIOE599GLL36507IND -    Gang Logan Liu
Thesis ResearchBIOE599GP36510IND -    Gabriel Popescu
Thesis ResearchBIOE599GU37487IND -    Gregory H Underhill
Thesis ResearchBIOE599HJK37484IND -    Hyunjoon Kong
Thesis ResearchBIOE599IMJ35488IND -    Iwona M Jasiuk
Thesis ResearchBIOE599JGE37636IND -    J. Gary Eden
Thesis ResearchBIOE599JJC36039IND -    Jianjun Cheng
Thesis ResearchBIOE599JJS36035IND -    Jacob J Sosnoff
Thesis ResearchBIOE599JK35342IND -    John A Katzenellenbogen
Thesis ResearchBIOE599JM36506IND -    Jian Ma
Thesis ResearchBIOE599JPA37847IND -    Jean Paul Allain
Thesis ResearchBIOE599KB37671IND -     Kaustubh Bhalerao
Thesis ResearchBIOE599KIL37483IND -    Kristopher Kilian
Thesis ResearchBIOE599KK33135IND -    Kyekyoon Kim
Bruce C Wheeler
Thesis ResearchBIOE599LBS33132IND -    Lawrence B Schook
Thesis ResearchBIOE599LJM39346IND -    Ling Jian Meng
Thesis ResearchBIOE599MFA36037IND -    Monica Fabiani
Thesis ResearchBIOE599MG33130IND -    Martha L Gillette
Thesis ResearchBIOE599MI33131IND -    Michael Insana
Thesis ResearchBIOE599PAJ39358IND -    Paul Jensen
Thesis ResearchBIOE599PAN38141IND -    Dipanjan Pan
Thesis ResearchBIOE599PI37488IND -    Princess U II Imoukhuede
Thesis ResearchBIOE599PPP39350IND -    Pablo Perez-Piñera
Thesis ResearchBIOE599RB33129IND -    Rohit Bhargava
Thesis ResearchBIOE599RB134751IND -    Rashid Bashir
Thesis ResearchBIOE599RCB36036IND -    Ryan C Bailey
Thesis ResearchBIOE599RDD39353IND -    Roy Dar
Thesis ResearchBIOE599SAB32647IND -    Stephen Allen Boppart
Thesis ResearchBIOE599SAM35341IND -    Su-A Myong
Thesis ResearchBIOE599SSM39365IND -    Sergei Sergeevitch Maslov
Thesis ResearchBIOE599SZ33136IND -    Sheng Zhong
Thesis ResearchBIOE599TLU37485IND -    Ting Lu
Thesis ResearchBIOE599VDD39399IND -    Wilfred Adrianus van der Donk
Thesis ResearchBIOE599WDO32478IND -    William D O'Brien, Jr.
Thesis ResearchBIOE599YSJ35362IND -    Yong-Su Jin
Thesis ResearchBIOE599YW33134IND -    Yingxiao Wang

Official Description

Bioengineering graduate thesis research. Course Information: Approved for S/U grading only. May be repeated.


University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
1270 Digital Computer Laboratory, MC-278
1304 W. Springfield Avenue
Urbana, IL 61801, USA

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