Mission and Vision

Biopengineering at Illinois, Engineering For Life.Bioengineering at Illinois develops innovative engineering, technology, and quantitative methods to address grand challenges in human health and sustainability. We are building on a foundational expertise in biomolecular imaging, bio-nanotechnology, computation, cellular and tissue engineering, synthetic bioengineering, and health care systems engineering and are focused on detecting and treating cancer, neuro-degeneration, and cardiovascular disease, as the most urgent areas of human health issues.

We are defining the future of interdisciplinary bioengineering education at the undergraduate and graduate levels. We are committed to providing the best experience for our students and training the future leaders in bioengineering by incorporating diverse topics of science, engineering, technology and medicine into our teaching.

Through education and research at the University of Illinois, we are revolutionizing the future of medical practice and education and will broadly impact individualized medicine, age-related diseases, and global health needs.